Freaks and Geeks

Take a second of the day
To think about the things that we have done this year

A year ago Seed Club opened its DAO to all of you, dropping $CLUB to hundreds of wallets, and LFTG-ing into a year of experiments.

We moved from knowing every single person in our community to progressively decentralizing.

Hundreds joined. $CLUB holders curated accelerator participants, attended demo days and approved our first budget proposal. You embraced the Seed Club meme as your own and fostered its growth and proliferation. Make something people want to be a part of.

Building in crypto is a forever tension of focus and expansion. None of us can ignore the market, but looking too deeply is dangerous. The answer is always to turn back to building the fire with friends and embrace the tension:

I want to be a part of this.

I’m not sure what this is.

This is what I think it might be.

We repeated this cycle together many times this year. Each experiment Seed Club ran was an expression of our meme. And with each cycle, your feedback further honed the meme and helped spread it farther. This concurrent refining and proliferating sharpened our understanding, and improved what we’re building.  Like rocks tumbling together, the more we collide, the more brilliant we become.

As the year started, we knew that Seed Club exists to serve its builders, and support them to build successful and sustainable tokenized communities. This hasn’t changed, though we’ve put a sharper point on it: Relentless support of our founding builders to create valuable on-chain organizations is the most critical work we can tackle in 2023. Intentional, small groups are where this work lives.

Small groups have always been a Seed Club superpower. They are where we make the most accelerated progress and forge the strongest bonds. They are one of our most effective ways of strengthening our meme and empowering people to distribute and proliferate it. Our challenge is now to better expose the work and discovery of the small groups to our decentralized network.

We know that so many of you are eager to lean in, not only to be a part of the value we’re creating and that will power Seed Club into the future, but to help augment and proliferate the meme and the value. Looking into 2023, I’m asking myself:

  • How can we be intimate and distributed?

  • How can we decentralize while still forging a strong, shared culture?

  • How might we coordinate remotely, while we continue to cultivate the authentic connection and identity needed to launch successful sustainable communities?

I’m confident that we have developed the ability to code switch fluidly between intimacy and distribution. The ability to be authentically ourselves, and the privilege to build value out of that authenticity, to lean into our individual weirdness, to find other freaks and geeks and build together, and importantly, to benefit from the value that weirdness has always created, is powerful. To do this en masse is a movement.

Previously the weird has been splintered. Web3 now allows that weirdness to flourish, while also giving a place for all us beautiful weirdos to come together, build together, and importantly, to share in the value not only of our organizations, but of our ecosystem as a whole. By building strong organizations, we also strengthen the meme of what an on chain organization can be, and what an entire network of massively successful on chain organizations can achieve. This is the collective work.

Now is the time to lean into the unique thing that only you and your community can do and to pursue it tenaciously. We have this time, when less people are looking, to lean into the weird things - indeed this is the thing we MUST do - FLY OUR FREAK FLAGS and find our fellow freaks and geeks who want to build with us.

While we relentlessly build, we must also collide and offer our memes and meanings to each other, strengthening them, and in the process, strengthening and expanding the ecosystem we’re building together with each other.

The future’s looking colourful
The future’s looking wonderful
Won’t you follow me down?

The Loneliness of the Middle Distance Runner, Belle and Sebastian

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